About Us

The Philosophy

Food does not have any frontiers. But, the frontiers of the ancient kingdoms redrawn just because of food. Driving force behind the great voyages of Columbus and Vas co de Gamma, ensuing imperialism and colonial rivalries in the East...

Indian spices continue to tackle taste buds across he globe, exactly the same way they did centuries ago to attract the Egyptians, Portuguese, Dutch, and English voyagers to Indian shores.


British merchant ships reached the Indian shores in search of cheap spices. Kerala, a tiny province in southern India was always the spice capital of India

Kerala group of restaurants is proud to bring you pure Indian Cuisine the way it is meant to be ...light, healthy and delicious. What we eat is what we are ...Food does not have any frontiers...

We have proven this philosophy in every aspect of our business for a quarter of a century, well… food is our signature.